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Bernadette playing guitar


The Irish are known for their cleverly crafted phrases. One proverb says,
       "It is a long road that has no turning".

Bernadette's road has crossed the ocean, spanned the country and come to rest in Nashville, Tennessee.  And Music City is all the richer for it.

As a child in her home of Donegal she soaked up every spin of her mother’s little red phonograph. Mother Mary loved her Irish tunes, and soon her sixth born daughter would sing along and add a few of her own favorites, the American country music of the time.  At 10, Bernadette found herself center stage in her hometown of Convoy, with her brothers firmly planted in the front row, determined to make her laugh.  No... No giggles from the little girl.  In spite of the butterflies dancing in her tummy, Bernadette could sing.

Local bands took notice, and she learned as many tunes as she could, to fill the hours of dance music the tireless crowd clamored for.   She felt important and at home on the stage.   But in her own household, tragedy would silence the music.

At the young age of 44, Bernadette's mother Mary died suddenly of a stroke, leaving a husband and ten young children. Her father tried his best to fill the void, but sadness and loneliness became the new normal.

Bernadette took on new responsibility and began supporting herself with some of the oddest jobs you could imagine.  She worked on a logging crew, deep in the Irish forest, and was the first female in Co Donegal to fell a tree with a chainsaw.  That grit helped her keep up with the lads, while her soft side offered comfort and understanding working with the elderly.

In her early 20s, Bernadette ventured to Reading, Berkshire in England to work and discover what lay beyond Donegal.  For those first 5 years on her own, this Irish Colleen gained a different perspective. "It was good for me", she says..."You get street smart when you're on your own."  But she was never truly alone.  Music had been with her all along.  Headlining her own band in Reading, Bernadette played clubs, private parties, and weddings.  "It was great craic and I got to meet a lot of great folks along the way, but there was always a yearning for more".

With 2 fellow Irish girls from Co Leitrim, who had also moved to Berkshire, she took a big jump, moving to AMERICA.  "We stayed around San Francisco for 3 years working with our elderly clients and performing music.  More and more, the compass pointed toward Nashville.  In 1994, Bernadette arrived In Music City.  And it seemed that everything clicked.  "It reminded me very much of Ireland.  It was green and seemed familiar.  The people were friendly and helpful.”

Bernadette playing guitar

By 2001, she had earned enough to make a record. And while it wasn't yet a popular phrase, Bernadette was ahead of the curve, calling the album “YOU GO GIRL!”  The album opened the door to singing on compilation records with major names in the business.  She heard her songs on the radio... at last, the lass from Convoy was truly a recording artist. 

In 2005, she would establish her own label, named for her godchild Rachael in Co Donegal.  Rachael Records was created from the heart and would be reserved for the songs she felt most deeply.

Her second CD titled, Bernadette: “Getting It Right!” has now been played in almost every country in the world to audience acclaim and great reviews.

Bernadette has been the guest of Grand Ole Opry members, and has shared the stage with some of the greats…Wynonna Judd, Tanya Tucker, Billy Dean, Vince Gill, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Burnette, Suzy Boguss, Jim Ed Brown, Pam Tillis, Daryl Singletary, Nanci Griffith, Ed Bruce, Joanne Cash, and George Hamilton IV, and countless others.

Bernadette was also invited to sing the national Anthem for the Tennessee Titans celebrity softball game for Mercy Ministries-Soles for Souls, and the make a Wish foundation headed up by former Titans Coach Jeff Fisher.  She also opened for Rock ’N Roll Hall of Famers Steely Dan and 5 time Grammy winner Michael McDonald from The Doobie Brothers.

Upon the sudden death of her beloved fiancée in 2010, Bernadette did what she has always done; she followed the light of her winding path toward new strength and a new beginning.  Now another record has been born, with the help of producer friend John Mock.  “This record-making process helped me cope with the grieving and all that entails. The new record is packed with beautiful original country songs, and some of my favorite Irish songs I grew up listening to my mother play on her little red record player."

And it’s awash in authenticity. "I chose the country-est players I could find in Tennessee and the most traditional players of Irish Music available.  I'm honored to have my friend and fellow Irish singer, Maura O Connell as a guest vocalist."

The album is called “Bernadette...Not the Same Me”. Listen and enjoy, it's everything I hoped it would and will be.”

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