Bernadette - A wee bit o'Ireland in Nashville
Bernadette playing guitar


These are just a few fun pictures from my scrapbook that I want to share with you.

Bernadette attended RED TENT EVENT (Inspiring all women to be true to themselves) in Nashville. Key Speaker Stella Parton (sister of Dolly Parton) & Dolly was the guest artist
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  Bernadette with Marty Stuart at the Country Music Hall Of Fame during the 2014 Americana Festival/Conference
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Bernadette Fans
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  Bernadette Fan
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© Rachael Records   Bernadette Fans
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  Bernadette Performing
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© Rachael Records   Bernadette performing with Vince Gill
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© Rachael Records   Bernadette with Best Friends
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2006 Midnight Jamboree
© Rachael Records   Daniel O'Donnell & Bernadette at the Midnight Jamboree May 8th 2006 © Rachael Records   Leona Williams & Bernadette May 2006 Midnight Jamboree in Nashville, TN USA. © Rachael Records
© Rachael Records   Bernadette , Leona Williams, Annette Lipsett @ The Midnight Jamboree May 2006   Nashville's Irish Recording artist "Bernadette", with Sean Reilly (Daniel O'Donnell's Manager) in Nashville, TN May 2006
© Rachael Records   Bernadette & Daniel O'Donnell at the Midnight Jamboree. Here is Annette...she is a huge fan of Daniel's.   Daniel O'Donnell with Nashville's favorite Irish Singer "Bernadette". Bernadette & Daniel are both from Co Donegal in Ireland, featured with Bernadette & Daniel is Annette Lipsett from Co Leitrim in Ireland © Rachael Records Photos
Use Your Voice with the Stars 2004
at Two Doors Down in Nashville, TN

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Bernadette with Pam Tillis. Pam has admired Bernadette's voice since she heard her sing "The Green Fields of  France" from friend Jim Ed Brown. After Bernadette sand the song, that night, Pam commented on Bernadette's Beautiful
song and her voice.


Bernadette with Maura O'Connell during the Use Your Voice (Music Row Democrats) to help elect John Kerry for President.

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Bernadette with Joe Nichols & fan at
Dan McGuiness's Pub after Use Your Voice show.
Bernadette with Mandy Barnett during the Use Your Voice (Music Row Democrats) to help elect John Kerry for President.
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Photos from the 2003 Reunion of Professional Entertainers
hosted by George Hamilton IV
Bernadette with Charlie Dick. Charlie is the husband of Legendary Country singer Pasty Cline.  Gibson Bluegrass Stage, Opry Mills          
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Bernadette with George Hamilton IV. 
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Bernadette with a legendary Bass player Lightening Chance.  He finds it difficult to behave around Bernadette © Rachael Records
Photos from Bernadette's appearances on the 
Ernest Tubb Troubadour Theatre

Bernadette appearing with Grand Ole Opry member and friend Jim ED Brown. 
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Mr John Conlee...He Invited Bernadette up onstage with him to sing her favorite song of his "Rose Colored Glasses".
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Joining Bernadette on stage was Flute/Penny Whistle player
Matt Davich from the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.
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Bernadette appearances on The Ernest Tubb Troubadour
theater with fans Lauran & Michelle. 

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Bernadette at The Golden Voice Awards In Nashville 2003

Bernadette with Grand Ole Opry Star "Billy Walker".
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Bernadette with Funny Man, Johnny Counterfeit and
his beautiful daughter.
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Here she is again with the ever gracious Mrs. Charlie Pride. 
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Bernadette with the wonderful and truly talented
Mr. Charlie Pride, a proud member of the
Grand Ole Opry.  © Rachael Records

Bernadette with the son of Conway Twitty, Michael
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Bernadette with Grand Ole Opry Ladies,  Jeanne Seeley.
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Bernadette was proud to meet Mr. Hank Locklin.
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Bernadette with friend and WSM Radio DJ Mr. Johnny K.
This was the first DJ that interviewed Bernadette for
her new CD. In Nashville, a wonderful human being. 

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Other New Scrapbook Photos!
Bernadette performing with World renowned Irish Vocalist Maura O'Connell in Nashville 2003. Also on stage was Dave Pomeroy, Don Henry, Grammy Winners "Riders In The Sky" and Country Star Suzy Bogus Plus countless other Stars. This event was to help feed the homeless in Nashville Homeless at Christmas 2003. 
© Rachael Records 2003

Bernadette backstage at a fund raiser with Wynonna Judd
and her Mom. This was an honor
friends, as Wy
is one of my favorite vocalists. 
© Rachael Records 2003
Annnette & Maria also backstage with Wy. This was after we had completed the memory walk for Alzheimer's Disease research
© Rachael Records 2003

Bernadette on-stage at The Coble Opry in Centerville TN, with The brilliant Rosie Flores doing some beautiful harmonies on an Irish song called "Sonny". 
© Rachael Records 2003
Bernadette on-stage at the Coble Opry with her guest Tracey K Houston, also on-stage, Johnny Collier. © Rachael Records 2003
Bernadette Backstage at the Opry
Bernadette & Carol Lee - November 2002
Bernadette & Billy Ray Cyrus - I wish my Doctor was this cute!!! -
November 2002
Bernadette & Pam Tillis - November 2002
Bernadette & Opry Star...Mr. Porter Wagner - November 2002
Bernadette & funny-man...Mr. Mike Snider - November 2002
Bernadette Onstage @ "The Grand Ole Opry" - November 2002
Bernadette & Friends @ The Alzheimer's Memory Walk at Greer Stadium..2002
Bernadette....with the team from "Richland Health Centre"

European Tour - The Battle Inn Berkshire, England A new fan...Hello Brendan!  He's an Irishman.

Annette, Patrick Ryan and Bernadette in the Royal Embers in England -
On tour August 2002

On tour...Interview with Norman Bland, Radio Berkshire -
Reading, England - August 2002

Bernadette on Tour...Mannie's!  Convoy, Donegal - 
Live Shot - August 8, 2002

Mannie's - Live shot at the huge show in Bernadette's hometown - August 2002

Bernadette on tour in Ireland with DJ, Tommy Rosney, at
Highland Radio in Donegal - August 2002

Me...Doing a wee bit of sightseeing in the Gardens of the Louvre in Paris - July 2002

Bernadette as she sight sees on her first European mini Tour.  Here she is with the original Mona Lisa painting, The Louvre Paris - July 27, 2002

Bernadette at the Bluebird Cafe with 
Leslie Satcher - 2002

Bernadette on 650 WSM Radio with Johnny K 
July 2002

Bernadette singing Live on WSM 650.  The show
broadcasts from the Texas Troubadour Theatre
called the Midnight Jamboree - 2001

After singing Live on the Midnight Jamboree
Jim Ed Brown & Bernadette at the Ernest
Tubb Record Store, signing autographs

Bernadette and the Famous Johnston sisters, Lois Duncan and her lovely husband.  Lois kept us all under control, as we signed autographs for hours for the International Fan-Club Association at this year's Fan Fair 
June 15th 2001

Bernadette and Mr. Charlie Pride after we both had signed autographs for about 5 hours.  It was good to relax in the Artist's Lounge. 
Fan Fair 2001

Bernadette and a brand new, fan, Mr. Tom Klem (Hello Tom)!  This was his first trip to the Fan Fair.   I hope to see you next year, Tom. 
Fan Fair 2001.


Myself and world-renowned Irish Singer/Songwriter Mr. Paul Brady, and one of the best Voices in Ireland, Maura O'Connell
Bluebird Cafe June 2001


Bernadette and Mark McGuinn at Fan Fair.  This was kind of special to me, as Mark was making his Grand Old Opry debut that same night! His performance went great.
Fan Fair 2001


The woman herself at a live performance at the Boardwalk Cafe.  This was a Fan Fair appreciation show by my record label held on June the 13th.  I enjoyed it thoroughly!  Special thanks to Jack Scott and all the Fans who attended. 
Boardwalk Cafe 2001

At The Seanachie! Irish Restaurant/Pub, Last night of Fan-Fair.  I caught up with DJ Friends of mine from Ireland (Highland Radio) in Donegal
L/R Tommy Rosney, Me, and Packie Keeney.
June 2001
My first Godchild...Rachael.
Born in Ireland on August 2, 2001
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