Bernadette - A wee bit o'Ireland in Nashville
Bernadette playing guitar


Three lovely young ladies, two are twins Crista Huber & Carrie Huber, with their Buddy Jessica Hoffman to the left ©Rachael Records  
Bernadette with Mr. Vern Gosdin, (THE VOICE) His Irish friends brings him over to see me every year. ©Rachael Records

Bernadette with my best friend Maria McGown (This was right after Maria had surgery to remove her right half lung) Maria was diagnozed with a rare form of lung cancer in 2005, right now in 2006, she is hanging in there and is doing great. Fingers crossed everyone. ©Rachael Records

Here is Bernadette with her friend Peter. Peter is such a sweet man, and a great supporter of Bernadette's music. ©Rachael Records

Bernadette with the TALL SEXY Darl Worley. We asked Darl to get his photo taken with this Irish Singer, his reply was..for sure. She is gorgeous. I want my photo taken with her. (That was funny) ©Rachael Records

Here is Bernadette with her friend & Music fan Lauran Evans. YOU GO GIRL!

Here is Lauran again, thanks for helping at the booth this year Lauran.


Here is my friends The Wilkinsons, what beautiful harmonies this family creates. ©Rachael Records

Here is the sweetest young lady I have ever met at Fan Fair. Her name is Emily Kathleen Snider, "BUTTERFLY". So glad to know she is alright after all the surgeries she has went through. ©Rachael Records

Annette with Billy Gilman.
Fan Fair 2004

Bernadette with friends & fans Lauran & Michelle.

Bernadette with the HOT Guys from Lonestar. Our booths were next door to each other this year.

Bernadette with Bill Anderson. Nice Gentleman.

Bernadette with Pam Tillis in artists green room.

Bernadette with the nicest star of them all
Kevin Sharp.

Bernadette with Marty's wife and super artist herself Connie Smith.

Bernadette with the talented Miss Debra Allen. Hey she plays a Gibson J200, Just like Bernadette. The Woman has taste


Bernadette with Josh Turner. I was happy I promise, but I was caught giving Camera instructions to Tracey K. Houston. I love Josh Turner's voice. SMILE IRISH WOMAN

Bernadette with friend Donna Fargo.
What a star this lady is.

Bernadette with the beautiful Linda Davis.This woman sure can sing friends, and what
a beautiful face.


Bernadette with the mighty talented singer & songwriter Gary Burr. I admire this songwriter so much, he is one of Nashville's hottest songwriters.

Bernadette with one of the Members of the Band & Runner, nice fella indeed
Bernadette with Nashville Star winner Brad Cotter, he is cute ladies.

Bernadette and the lovely and hugely talented Terri Clark. This lady knows how to handle an electric guitar folks. Awesome player.
Bernadette and Ty Herndon. What a Hunk. So nice to chat with too.

Bernadette and the Johnston sisters.

Bernadette and 2003 Nashville Winner Buddy Jewel. Hey we auditioned the very same day. He won,
OH well, I will keep trying friends.

Bernadette with Lance from CMA live. He is Irish, he tells me.

Bernadette with Marty Stuart. Cool Hair Folks!

Fan Fair 2003

Mark Willis, Bernadette and Nashville Star Winner Buddy Jewel. We met In The Artist's Green Room. Nice Guys. Fan-Fair 2003 © Rachael Records

Bernadette with the Ladies from The International Fan Club Association (The Famous Johnston Sisters Folks). Fan-Fair 2003 © Rachael Records

You know who! Bernadette with TRICK PONY. Great Group - Fan-Fair 2003 © Rachael Records


Another fantastic group, folks. The Wilkerson Family - Fan-Fair 2003 © Rachael Records

Two new Bernadette Fan-Club Members. Welcome! Fan-Fair 2003 © Rachael Records

Bernadette with Country Star "Kevin Sharp" Kevin has battled Cancer, and has taught us all about courage. Fan-Fair 2003 © Rachael Records

Bernadette and loyal Fan-Club Member Michelle, and her Mom Gloria, and one of their friends. Great to meet you again this year, folks. 
Fan-Fair 2003
Rachael Records


Bernadette with Country Star Ken Mellons, you remember the song "The Jukebox Junkie".
  Fan-Fair 2003 ©
Rachael Records

Bernadette with Country Star Tim Rushlow. Tim may be In my Alzheimer's Benefit this November. Fingers crossed. Fan-Fair 2003 © Rachael Records

Bernadette with Country Star, Trini Triggs.  They workout at the same Gym, folks! 
Fan-Fair 2003
Rachael Records

Bernadette with Country Star, Daryl Singletary.  He remembered me from last year (Good memory, Daryl) Fan-Fair 2003 © Rachael Records
Bernadette with Billy Ray Cyrus at his booth at 
Fan-Fair 2003 © Rachael Records

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